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Let’s be honest, when fantasising about the type of escort that you have in your mind for booking, you’re picturing a small petite babe in nothing but lingerie at your door. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have control over the type of escort that you want to book, which is why we are introducing our petite escorts page!

Why are Petite escorts so popular?

Petite escorts have always been the most popular girls in London and it is not hard to see why. These girls are not only slim but have very small frames, making them the adorable companion that will make you feel in control. From their tiny hands that make everything seem bigger, to the flat-chested beauties that love to parade around in the skimpiest of lingerie. 

Men of all ages seem to have an affinity to the smaller girls. Most of our girls share the same characteristics of being classy, ladylike and delicate. If you want a girl who personifies what it means to be feminine, then a petite escort is certainly the way to go. Many of the petite escorts that work with us have been rejected from the fashion industry as it favours the taller girls. We, however, have not underestimated their worth. All of our petite escorts are incredibly beautiful and would not look out of place in on the runways of London.

What type of Petite escorts do you have available at Strawberry? 

We want to make sure that we are answering all calls for petite escorts. Regardless of what personal preferences you may have, we have the girl for you. From the sun-kissed goddesses with curly brown hair or a sultry, sexy blonde haired girl with lips as red as cherries, we have it all. Each and every escort at strawberry has been individually interviewed to make sure that they meet the high standards that we set for all of our escorts. We want to make sure that all facets of your night are perfect. From the moment you meet to the end of the night. 

Outcall bookings with petite escorts

Our gorgeous petite escorts are more than happy to come and meet you at your home, or in a hotel. This is perfect for the busy gentlemen of London who very seldom have a moment free. We would always recommend booking as far in advance as possible to ensure that the escort that you want to spend the night with is available for the time that you requested. 

Book a petite escort tonight!

There is no better time than the present to book the petite escort that you have been dreaming about. All of our petite escorts are available all over London so if there is a girl listed and you’re not sure if she is available in your area then make sure you ask, we will always do our best to make sure that the girl you have been dreaming about is the girl that ends up at your door. See you soon!