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Despite the fact more and more young students are becoming companions, mature ladies are maybe more popular than ever before. Despite there not being a strict definition of what escorts are considered mature, mature escorts in London tend to be 30 years old and over. 

These ladies may not seem mature in the grand scheme of things but it is important that you remember escorting is a career and life choice for most girls. It is quite uncommon for escorts to continue past the age of 45 and with so many teen escorts, companions of the age 30 plus, can definitely be considered mature regardless of the experience level. 

So know you know what to expect from the mature London escorts you find on this page, let's find out why so many punters in the capital love meeting this type of companion.

Why do many clients prefer mature escorts?

Mature escorts are very popular with gentlemen who tend to regularly use London escort agencies and like a girl who has experience meeting gentlemen who seek companionship services.

Just because these ladies are older than teen girls, doesn't that they aren't beautiful. Just look at the older ladies on this page and you can see that they look 10 years their junior. Match this beauty with the fact these ladies have life experience and know-how to impress gentlemen and you are onto a winner meeting a mature lady in London.

Who Book Older Companions?

In my opinion, this is quite an easy question as who doesn't want to meet an older lady. I think young and older guys alike want to meet mature escorts. It will be true that older guys do like meeting younger girls where they feel they can relive their youth but of course, there are gentlemen ages between 30 - 60 years old wanting to meet ladies of a similar age to them. After all, why wouldn't you meet a lady who is beautiful and on the same wavelength as you?

Forever and a day, younger guys have wanted to date older ladies. In films, like American Pie, you can see this highlighted on the big screen. It is just a fact that younger guys book mature female escorts because they want to meet that perfect MILF that they have dreamt of.

It is seen as a badge of honour for a young guy to date a cougar or MILF. I think it is all down to fantasies, imagination and roleplay as men grow up fancying ladies who tend to be a lot older than themselves. Younger men love a beautiful older lady who knows what she wants as is experienced in knowing what they want back. It really is a match made in heaven.

If you are interested in meeting a mature escort in London, this page is complete with older ladies who range from 30 to 40 years old. To book our mature escorts, call 07885498905 now and our receptionists will put you in touch with one of our more experienced escorts who will blow you away.